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Christianity and Culture

"By What Standard?" documentary; Critical Race Theory in the Southern Baptist Convention; reasons why Krista is no longer Reformed; pros and cons of small groups

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Critical Race Theory was adopted as an "analytical tool" back in June (2019) by the Southern Baptist Convention. It's often referred to as Resolution 9. (Dr. Neil Shenvi and Dr. Pat Sawyer offered some helpful analysis about this issue back in June.) The SBC is the largest Protestant denomination in our country. So, the adoption of Resolution 9 was kind of a big deal.

Key voices in the SBC, including at the highest seminary levels, now promote various aspects of Critical Race Theory. These developments prompted a group of dissenters to put together a documentary highlighting this issue for regular people. It came out a couple weeks ago. We wanted to offer some thoughts.

You can watch the documentary in its entirety here for free.

Some people may also find this video of some help. It documents the adoption of Critical Theory into SBC seminaries.


Earlier this week, Krista posted an article on her public Facebook page that she felt summarized her experience in the Reformed tradition.

That post led to a slew of private messages asking Krista why she's no longer Reformed. We discuss.


Tweet of the Week: Small Groups

Krista came across this discussion Twitter this week about the pros and cons of small groups in the church.


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