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Coronavirus in Light of the Cross

Christian love in the middle of a pandemic; One-year anniversary of the show; Antiracist baby book

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A lot of daily life came to a halt this week. And almost everyone is a homeschooler now. In fact, our friend Dr. Neil Shenvi, posted an article on his web site with some tips for parents who suddenly find themselves home with the kids.

Be sure to check on your neighbors and display the fruit of the Spirit. And remember, we don't have a spirit of fear, but one of love and sound judgment (2 Tim. 1:7)!

Here are some additional resources on the coronavirus:

  • "Coronavirus: Do I Need to Worry?" by Dr. AJ Roberts

  • Follow molecular biologist/virologist, AJ Roberts on Twitter. She is posting helpful links almost daily right now.

  • You can also follow developments on the CDC and WHO web sites.


We can't believe it's already been a year since we launched the show. We've come a long ways! Bonus points for listening to the end for Monique's "prison" name. LOL!


It just wouldn't be an episode of All The Things without some Critical Race Theory action. How about a baby book?


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