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Help Wanted

It's the season finale of All The Things! It's hard to believe that we have 4 years' worth of shows in the archive. We ended the year by sharing some of our needs, as well as reacting to a few items on social media. What does Monique think about the black Little Mermaid? Why haven't we done any shows on sentencing or cash bail? Find out.

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We Need Your Help...and Other News!

Although this is the season finale for All the Things, we will still continue to have the CFBU Family Meetings, the Off-Code podcast, and periodic livestreams with Theology Mom. Be sure to keep an eye out for the notifications and tune in!

If you'd like to have us come to your share with your church, your school, or your organization, we would LOVE to come to your city, BUT, we need to be INVITED! If you'd like to find out how to book a speaking engagement, click here:

Potential show topics...BUT, we need an expert! Maybe YOU are the expert or maybe you know SOMEONE who is experienced in any of these areas. Please reach out at:

  • Sentencing: How are people sentenced when they commit a crime and they are found guilty?

  • Cash bail system: How is bond determined? If you commit a crime, is your crime bail-worthy or are you simply detained and released?

  • Privatization of prisons: What does it mean that prisons are money-making systems? What are the pros and cons of privatization?

  • Child studies: A branch of the Critical Social Theories where children are seen as oppressed and parents/adults are seen as oppressors (Also known as Critical Child Studies). A good resource to follow on Twitter is @kellyske.

  • Black Liberation Theology: We're interested in developing a deeper understanding of James Cone's thought-processes, theology, other primary sources in the Black Liberation perspective, etc.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Chatbox moderators: we need 2-3 more moderators for the podcast livestream!

  • Facebook groups: we are building a new group for homeschoolers! Taking applications now for those who would like to help support homeschoolers.

  • Building a new app: we would like to have one handy place to access all of our content.

  • Writer: help with our quarterly newsletter by getting articles together, conducting interviews, writing stories, etc.

Check out our volunteer page to apply:

Quick-takes from the news:

  • Parents removing kids' mobile devices/social media when becoming steeped in gender ideology.

  • Research shows that teen girls have increased anxiety and depression due to involvement in social media.

Krista's word: Parents, get your kids off social media! Throw away their mobile devices! Get them into hobbies and let their brains develop.

Check out our upcoming "Rewind" as we re-play important conversations with previous guests. First up is our friend, Arlene Pellicane, with a show titled "Parenting in the Screen Age":

The black "Little Mermaid": We've got bigger fish to fry!

Seems a little petty, considering that mermaids aren't even real! Sure, representation is important, but it is not the be-all, end-all. We can also be trailblazers!

Today Show comments on babies' facial reactions in the womb depending on foods the mother eats.

But, wait--I thought this was just a clump of cells?? Come on, Today Show. #tonedeaf

Stacey Abrams--discussing "fake" fetal heartbeat sounds in the womb.

The Babylon Bee responds in true form:


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