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Holy Week Timeline: Arrest to the Resurrection

Guest: James Moseley; Chronology of Holy Week; Prohibitions against Drive-Thru Churches

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Our family has been reading through the events of Holy Week together in real-time. So we thought it would be fun to have our friend, Jim Moseley (from,) on the show to talk about the timeline that he's put together of the final hours of Jesus. Jim is like a walking, talking encyclopedia of information about the Bible. We are going to talk about questions like, What day did Jesus actually die on? How many days and nights was He in the tomb? Was the Last Supper a Passover meal? And how did darkness fall during Jesus' crucifixion? You won't want to miss this unique chance to talk about the events of Holy Week..

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What's the difference between ordering food at the Sonic Drive-In and going to a drive-in church. Hint: one is now illegal in our county.


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