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Just Mercy

Discussion of the film, Just Mercy; Unjust Incarceration; Life and Faith of Kobe Bryant; Holocaust Memorial Day

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We went to the movies this week to see the film, Just Mercy. We found the film worth the investment of time and money. It also sparked some deep conversations between us about our country's prison system.

Here is a link to the book on which the movie is based: Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson.

Be sure to also catch Krista's follow up discussion about capital punishment.


Reflections about the sudden death of Kobe Bryant and several others in a helicopter crash this last week has been all over social media. We wanted to weigh in with some thoughts about his life and inspiration.


Tweet of the Week: Holocaust Memorial Day

This past week was Holocaust Memorial Day.

Unfortunately, memory of the events of the Holocaust are fading from our cultural memory. This study asserts that 66% of Millennials aren't sure what Auschwitz was. What can parents do to have some intentional conversations to keep the reality of this tragedy alive.


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