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New Year's Eve Party 2019

Looking back on 2019; remembering the poor year-round; New Year's resolutions; cutting the 2020 cake

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We reminisced about past shows, including our very first episode. It was all quite ridiculous. We talked about our favorites and THE turning point in the show.


Segment #2: #WakeUpOlive

A couple weeks ago, Krista received a number of inquiries asking for her opinion about the #WakeUpOlive controversy at Bethel church. People waned to know, Should Christians raise the dead? So, she put together a short video summarizing her thoughts about it.


Monique has been very busy fielding calls at work from well-meaning people wanting to make donations to the homeless. She's been reflecting a lot on how Christians can engage in a lifestyle of generosity, not just at the holidays.


Krista shares some thoughts about setting some goals to grow our minds for the glory of God. Here area a few ideas:

Idea #1: Read through the Bible

Idea #2: Read some books on theology

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