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The Tik Tok Experiment

Impact of Tik Tok on the emerging generation; Coronavirus; Deconversions of Rhett and Link

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Tik Tok is an extremely popular social media platform, especially among teens. What happened when a youth pastor set up a Tik Tok account and started following his students? What do Christian parents need to know about this popular social media platform and how it is shaping our kids' souls?

Be sure to also check out our previous conversation about social media and parenting where we interviewed our friend and author, Arlene Pellicane.


As news of the Coronavirus continues to grow, the big question is, should we be worried? We wanted to get our viewers connected with some quality resources to help you stay informed.

First, be sure to check out this blog post by molecular biologist, Dr. Annjeanette Roberts at Reasons To Believe. Her specialty is in virology.

You may also want to follow AJ on Twitter because she is posting relevant information on the Coronavirus almost daily.


We are hearing more and more about former Christians who have deconstructed their faith. Our friend Alisa Childers posted a great article earlier today helping us process the deconversion of famous YouTubers, Rhett and Link.


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