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Why Should I Care About Going to Church?

Krista's adventures teaching at the OC Rescue Mission | Monique wants to know why she should care about going to church

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Krista leads a theology and apologetics discussion group once a month at the Orange County Rescue Mission. It's seriously one of her favorite things to do.

Earlier this month, she got to give a presentation there on the question, "Why Are There So Many Churches?" It's now available to watch on YouTube.

After the talk, Krista received an amazing gift in honor for her work there. Really, she is the one who feels blessed to be a part of this important ministry. But having a sword as tall as you are is also very cool.


While we are on the subject of church, let's talk about all of our gripes about going there.

Ok, not really.

But kinda. Monique really wanted to know, "Why does it even matter?" Krista attempts to explain.


Twitter is a weird world where people are angry. All. The. Time. So, this story jumped out at us. Floyd the mailman retired this week. He loved his neighbors very well for 3 decades. And on his last day of work, his neighbors showed him what a difference he made. More of this, please.


We wrapped the show with a sneak peek of Krista's upcoming teaching series on her YouTube channel. She is doing a short series on the peculiar passage in Genesis 9 in which Noah gets drunk and then pronounces a curse over his grandson Canaan. During some recent research she discovered that this passage was used for a couple hundred years as the biblical warrant for slavery. What?! Check it out here.


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