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Our Culture's Sexual Chaos

Denying biological sex; Disney's first LGBT character; Normalization of polyamory

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We talk a lot on the show about Critical theory. But one thing we haven't talked much about is Queer theory. And since there were a lot of stories in the news this week about our culture's continued normalization of LGBT behavior, we thought it would be a good time to wade into some of those themes. One thing that really caught our attention was this opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal: "Dangerous Denial of Sex." It really goes against a lot of the cultural trends.

For more thoughts from a historic Christian perspective about transgender issues, here are some additional resources to check out:


One of our viewers asked us to comment on a story on Yahoo News about Disney casting its first openly gay character. She appears in the movie Onward.


Last week, Krista post a video about Sam Allberry and the ministry he co-founded called, Living Out. Since, recording that video, Krista discovered a slight update to the situation. So, in the interest of accuracy, she wanted to provide that data as well.


There was a great article this week in Christianity Today about polyamory and how it's creeping into the church. Roughly 24% of church-going people believe that consensual polyamorous relationships are morally permissible. We discuss.


This tweet from big-time Youtube teacher, Mike Winger, seemed like the perfect way to end the show.


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